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This membership package is for players to learn more and become better technically and tactically outside of team training, and not only includes more than 25 CLASSES, which are organized into weeks of chronological COURSES, but also adds our signature step-by-step programs specifically designed for individual players to know what to do, and how to do it, when practicing on their own, as they work toward achieving good player development, experiencing better team training, and ultimately performing at their very best on the pitch!


What’s more, our Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT package also includes a Private Player Community, printable charts and checklists, exclusive members-only content, weekly LIVE! Group Discussions, unlimited professional support, as well as access to our blog, podcasts, newsletters, and app at no additional cost, in addition to hundreds of REWARDS points to be used for discounts on things like LIVE! PRIVATE Coaching, membership renewals and more - SUPER SWEET!


Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT Programs

A step-by-step guide to developing on your own and performing at your very best!


  • 3 Online Program Modules

  • More than 25 training topics

  • 100+ Practice Plans

  • Video examples and Animated Demonstrations

  • Just For Fun Games and Activities

  • and so much more!

Private PLAYER Community

A dedicated place for coaches to connect with others just like you!


  • Share stories

  • Post pictures

  • Upload videos

  • Ask questions

  • And so much more together!


Organized PDFs to help you keep track of your progress and support you in your journey!


  • The Coaches Participant Guide

  • Charts

  • Checklists

  • Session Plans

  • Stat Sheets

  • Class Outlines

  • Course Manuals

  • And so much more!


Recognizing every dog is different, and each family situation unique, we personalize it for you with UNLIMITED PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT as much as you want, as often as you need, and available in multiple ways to make it easy and convenient!


Submit your questions and receive professional coach responses!

LIVE! GROUP Discussions via Zoom Virtual Video

A convenient way to meet LIVE!, to ask questions and talk about training topics together with a member of our team of professional coaches!


The perfect place to share ideas and best practices together as we provide support to one another!


An internal messaging option for short and simple ongoing support!


As much about teaching the technical skills required for success, as they are about coaching you on the tactical understanding needed for world-class performance, including more than 35 classes and over 15 courses!



  • Foundation Model | Introduction

  • The Brilliant Basics

  • The First 6 Weeks with your Team 

  • 1v0 | 1v1 | 1v2 Scenarios

  • 2v1 | 1v2 | 2v2 Scenarios

  • 3v2 | 2v3 | 3v3 Scenarios

  • 4v3 | 3v4 | Scenarios

  • Individual Playing Positions

  • 7v7 | 9v9 Systems and Tactics

  • Youth Model | In Possession | Introduction

  • SCAN - In Possession

  • MOVE - In Possession

  • RECEIVE - In Possession

  • RELEASE - In Possession

  • Youth Model | Out of Possession | Introduction

  • SCAN - Out of Possession

  • COUNTER MOVEMENTS - Out of Possession

  • DICTATE - Out of Possession

  • DEFEND - Out of Possession

  • Game Model | Introduction

  • 11v11 Systems of Play

  • Attacking Organization - Playing Out

  • Attacking Organization - Playing In

  • Defensive Transition

  • Defensive Organization - High Press

  • Defensive Organization - Low Press

  • Attacking Transition

  • And more!


  • PositionSpecific - GoalKeeper *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Full Back *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Center Back *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Defensive Midfielder *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Attacking Midfielder *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Wide Forward *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Center Forward *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Defensive Unit *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Midfield Unit *COMING SOON*

  • PositionSpecific - Attacking Unit *COMING SOON*

  • And more!


Life is busy and convenience matters, which is why all CLASSES and COURSES are also recorded and available on-demand to watch, as well as re-watch, whenever you want!


Where some is good, more is bette, which is why we also have helpful E-books and files for you to download.



  • Sign up, Earn points and Redeem rewards


Online resources made available anywhere you have an interest connection!​

  • Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Devices


Where some is good, more is better, and your online membership will also include these and other additional resources:

  • Video Channels for topic-specific training guidance

  • Blogs to help you learn more and become better

  • Podcasts on trending topics with practical advice

  • And so much more!



One of the most popular resources we offer, and available to members at a discount with LOYALTY REWARDS Coupons, our LIVE! PRIVATE Coaching provides you with the opportunity of working directly with us... Be it 1-ON-1 Coaching for personalized help, or TEAM Coaching where we schedule a virtual session together, LIVE! HELP Coaching is a game changer!


A fan favorite, where we spend time face-to-face to learn more and become better in-person!


If you are interested in upcoming IN-PERSON Events, or hosting us in your hometown, contact us at and we look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Who are the PositionSpecific memberships good for?
    GREAT QUESTION... all of our membership options are good for anyone wanting to learn more and become better both on and off the pitch! More specifically... Our Virtual CLASSES and COURSES membership is ideal for athletes and coaches alike who are simply looking to expand what they currently know, and or how they currently think of the game technically and tactically in a less committed approach! Our Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT membership is ideal for athletes who are not only looking to improve in their knowledge of the game, but willing to also take their abilities to the next level by putting in the time and energy to develop their skills outside of their regular practices! Our Team COACHES TRAINING is ideal for coaches who are are not only looking to improve in their knowledge of the game, but willing to also take their abilities to the next level by putting in the time and energy to successfully improve at developing a team to perform at their very best!
  • Are your programs only for beginners?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT JUST FOR BEGINNERS! In fact, our programs are great for players and couches of all ages and abilities. In short, we all can learn more and become better from learning new tips and tricks of the game, by having guided practice and session plans and utilizing the abilities to connect with others who can share ideas and best practices. OUR MISSION is to connect players, parents, coaches, teams, clubs and community organizations with world-class resources and synergize the sharing of ideas, the cultivation of content, the development of players, the training of teams and the finding of joy in the journey as we learn more, become better and make a difference for good around the world both on and off the pitch, which is to say there is something here for you!
  • How do your programs help?
    We understand in order for players and teams to learn more and become better, it requires a proven process and plan, or in our case, two synergizing systems for success, including both our Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT, as well as our Team COACHES TRAINING, wherein players are guided step-by-step on what to do outside of practice, teams are lead along a pro-level academy pathway, coaches are confident in how to lead, and together we are achieving good player development, experiencing better team trainings AND performing at our best on the pitch! Just think of it as having your very own world-class Director of Coaching at your fingertips - no doubt it's pretty awesome!
  • Do I need a computer to use your programs, or can they work on my phone and other devices?
    GREAT QUESTION... and our programs, along with its many other resources, are built to work on any device with internet access, including your desktop, your tablet and your phone! What's more, to bring our programs to your fingertips like never before, we also have an app you can download from both the iOS App Store or the Google Play Market - ENJOY!
  • Are the programs really flexible to my needs?
    YES - they are super flexible and only take a few minutes here and there to get your ideas and make your plans! Obviously we understand each player need is different and every team situation is unique, so we built our programs where you and your specific needs will decide the rate at which you work through them. In fact, the learning modules are set up such that you can see everything that is offered and move as fast, or as slow. as you want. What's more, you can skip around however you would like, or go in order from top to bottom, which is usually what we recommend, but ultimately - the choice is yours! And, when you need help with anything, included with the membership at no additional cost is ongoing support for you to CONTACT A COACH via email and receive a response. Additionally, as a member, you also can schedule LIVE! HELP & COACHING, which is one-on-one virtual coaching with our team of professionals at a nicely discounted rate, which is our way to personalize the program to you and your specific needs!
  • Can you share additional details on the LIVE! HELP & COACHING option?
    Easily one of the most popular resources we offer, and available to members at a discount, our LIVE! HELP & COACHING allows you to schedule an appointment with our team of coaching professionals, either as part of our LIVE! GROUP Sessions held multiple times weekly, or for even more personalized assistance, schedule LIVE! ONE-ON-ONE Coaching from us to work together on whatever you want and need... For example, we can share ideas, talk about best practices, analyze film together, organize an appropriate individual practice or team team training session plan, etc... - really anything we can do to help you, we want to make it happen! Contact us at with your questions
  • When will you be holding a LIVE! LOCAL Events in my hometown?
    Without doubt, one of our favorite things is spending time with players, parents, coaches, teams, clubs and community organizations face-to-face, in the classroom and on the pitch, in order to participate in training sessions as a group, to talk about trending topics together as we continue to learn more and become better - nothing beats our LIVE! LOCAL Events! In fact, we want to do it as much as we can and as often as it makes sense. If you are interested in hosting us in your hometown, please contact here: and we will see what, and when, it can be arranged - we look forward to see you in person soon! Watch for our upcoming tour dates, locations and details
  • Who is the Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT programs for?
    Designed specifically for you as the player to learn more and become better outside of team training, our Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT programs will guide players step-by-step through a proven process and pathway of developing both the foundational techniques, and the fundamental skills, that will create confidence, help you stand out on the pitch, find joy in your journey and perform at your very best! In short, with years of coaching experience, one of the most common questions we receive is "Coach, what do I need to work on?" Our Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT membership was organized specifically to teach players the things they need to know how to do, and likewise provide the practice plans of how to improve their performance on their own - have fun!
  • Who is the Team COACHES TRAINING for?
    One of the largest challenges of any coach, is knowing how to help their individual players improve, and then similarly what to do in order to make the team be the very best that it can be. As such, our Team COACHES TRAINING membership is organized to help you as the coach, or the club, teach your players the individual technical skills, and instill in them the collective tactical understanding, fundamental to playing the game well, our Coaches TEAM TRAINING will guide you step-by-step through the proven process and pathway of developing a winning strategy, imposing your identity on others, finding joy in your journey and performing at your very best! With years of coaching experience at all levels of the game, one of the most common questions we receive from coaches and clubs is "What should I focus on to make the most impact on these kids (team)?" Our Team COACHES TRAINING was put together with years and years of experience, and having been on this coaching journey so many times, with players of all ages and abilities, to teach coaches the things they need to know how to do, and likewise provide them with the practice plans and training sessions of how to improve their performances in the game and so much more! If you are a coach or a club, this is what you need, which has been called a world-class virtual Director of Coaching (DOC), but we can promise you it is that, and SO MUCH MORE!


What are parents, players and coaches saying about our online programs?

One of the best decisions we have made!

Working with Simon and the PositionSpecific online training has been one of the best decisions we’ve made! It is quite overwhelming when you want to provide your kids with things to do at home, but aren't sure what will help and what is a waste of time, and having this online content available whenever I need it is priceless. As well, they are so supportive and knowledgeable with tons of tips and helpful suggestions. We have also attended the online classes too, and were so impressed with the content. Many times we aren't able to attend the live sessions, but never missed a beat since the content was recorded and made available on-demand for us to watch and rewatch later. Thank you for helping us along our training training!  ~ AJ

Sooooo worth the money we spent
Soccer Practice

I cannot say enough good about this program! I am a first time dog owner and had no idea where to begin. This program gave me the direction I needed. We have used the program for four months and our puppy is now six months old. I am frequently getting compliments from family, friends, pet care professionals, and strangers about how well behaved our dog is for being a puppy.   ~ Kelly & Amy

Easy to recommend PositionSpecific to all of my friends
Portrait of Happy Girls Tying Shoes

I highly recommend Baxter & Bella to every dog owner! I am a first time dog owner, but the resources are excellent for any dog owner at any age. When we got our Cavapoo puppy we decided to enroll at the local pet store for training classes. The classes were good, but Baxter & Bella has been so much better!! The curriculum is both more in-depth and broad. We also considered hiring a personal dog trainer, but Baxter & Bella is much more affordable, long-term, and based on my schedule. I love the videos because I can watch them over again by myself or with my children. You can’t do that at the pet store. The LIVE! Office hours were amazing! I asked all my individualized questions and received answers and encouragement I needed, including links to her videos. The range of services available is excellent, for times when I want to go in-depth or when I need a quick answer using the Search feature. I feel 100% supported in training my puppy now and for years to come. I do not think I could receive better service anywhere else. Thank you!   ~ Melanie


Soccer Player



Designed specifically for players to learn more and become better technically and tactically outside of team training, our Individual PLAYER DEVELOPMENT programs will guide you step-by-step through the process of developing the foundational techniques and the fundamental skills necessary to performing at your very best and becoming the player you want to be!

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